Crowdsourcing is like a seance without all the touching and spooky dead people spirits and such.

I had heard how crowdsourcing was all the rage in this kooky web 2.0, so I thought I’d take advantage of the power of mass collaboration to solve a problem.

Yesterday, a nasty weather system dumped 4″ of snow in Atlanta, crippling the city. I hurried home, fired-up the computer and began crowdsourcing like mad. The problem I wanted addressed was simple: get the snow and ice off my driveway and sidewalks.

I sent the request out on all the social networks and waited with my MacBook Pro looking out the window at the sidewalks and driveway to see how my problem would be crowdsourced into oblivion. But nothing happened.

The snow and ice sat clinging to the concrete, lying in wait for me to walk on it, slip and fall and break my new hip. I checked my computer, I checked the sidewalks, I checked the computer again. Nothing!

So much for the power of crowdsourcing– it’s all a big hyped-up ruse.

Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll try crowdsourcing to pressure wash the back deck. It might work better in the Springtime.