"Explain this whole time-space continuum thingie again..."

I don’t know squat about physics, and trying to explain quantum physics to me is like teaching a donkey to dance a tango, still, I like this new movie Source Code.

I did not understand it completely, but it was an interesting story, well told and very well-acted.

Jake Gyllenhaal has game as the war hero on a very hush hush project to try and prevent terrorist attacks. Vera Farmiga and her vibrant blue eyes try to guide him through the channels of discovery and bending of physics. Michelle Monaghan plays the love interest holding Jake’s hand along the way, and Jeffrey Wright is the brilliant, ambitious project leader.

Can’t go into the plot. Suffice to say there’s action, adventure and explosions, and the premise is one where our hero gets to go back to the same situation again and again with the knowledge he’s gained previously to try and find the terrorist. In this regard, Jake is Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, trying to find his way to redemption.

The story is fresh, keeps you guessing and is engaging. Yes, the effects are somewhat cheesy, but as far as what’s out there now on movie screens, this is one of the better flicks to see, even if you were a C-student at best in science.