Hey, this hellhole ain't so bad after all!

It appears I am not one of the chosen ones selected for ascension into heaven during Rapturepalooza 2011.

I assume Harold Camping made the grade. Maybe some others. But I did not.

So, I’ve unpacked my bags with the DVDs, books, magazines, cameras, cinder block collection, slightly used lightbulbs, leftovers and other essentials for a long holiday.

I’m resigned to further life on this planet with you, my fellow passengers. Where as yesterday I considered you “evil sinners” and “suckers”, I realize today that I might have been hasty in passing judgment.

Today you look like my bestest friends and most cherished mates.

So let’s take up the yoke of humanity going forward, do our best, have some fun and let bygones be bygones.

Until the next Rapture (then, it’s every man, woman and child for him/herself).