Now that its back is against the wall to its creditors in the ongoing U.S. debt crisis, politicians have been working hard to propose a solution. And they believe they have it.

Politicians find perfect fall guy for the U.S. debt crisis.

If no political compromise plan can be developed with spending cuts and/or tax enhancements, the United States government will enact “The Mail Strategy.”

“We’ll inform our creditors that we just paid them and that the check is in the mail,” said a high ranking senator who wished to remain anonymous. “It’s a classic ploy because who can say it isn’t? It’ll buy us some time while we continue to hash this thing out. Of course, it is only a temporary solution because we’ll eventually have to actually get them a check, but it will by us some well needed time. And, if worse comes to worse, we can write them a rubber check which again will buy us some time. One thing’s for sure and you can take this to the bank– America’s politicians are working hard to solve this doozie of a pickle crisis!”