Should Yancy Turmunder be trusted with the power to vote? Hmmm...

Recently, Yancy Turmunder, an assistant manager of Best Buy and a self-described “undecided” (low information) voter sat down to be interviewed about voting in the upcoming election.

“Where do I go to vote and what do I do?’ he asked with his head cocked. When told his local voting location, his eyes glazed over. “Is that the bricky place by the sidewalk and the pretty trees?” he asked with furrowed brow.

When told that it was the school just down the street, he asked, “So, we’re supposed to vote for school president? I’m kind of old for that. I don’t know many kids.”

It was explained that Tuesday was a national election, to elect an adult the President of the United States of America. Yancy nodded his head slowly.

“And the President’s the top dog of the country, right?”
Yes, was the response.
“What are my choices? Do any of them wear nice clothes or talk good?” he asked.

The interviewer exited the room quietly and left Yancy to decide who would be the next leader of the free world.