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Kim Jong Un reveals secret weapon, threatens USA.

Kim Jong Un reveals secret weapon, threatens USA.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is so upset with the United States of America, he is threatening an attack of “the biggest, nastiest most lethal and deadly flying dragon ever, breathing killer fires of death and destruction to murder terrible, evil imperialists! We will win this game of thrones game with our superior dragon weaponry!”

Un, or “The Greatest Person Ever To Walk The Earth” to his friends, says that he must take a stand against the U.S. because “I’ve got to prove myself even more batshit crazy than my old man was, and believe me, I’ve got a ways to go yet.”

The North Korean dictator has dropped rumors that he may also have other weapons at his disposal including “an 800-foot cat who is hungry and has very sharp claws, a giant octopus that will throw children having temper tantrums and a mermaid that brews very weak tea and then detonates nuclear bombs that kill and destroy all living things. The weak tea disappoints, but the nuclear weapons hurt even more.”

There has been no official U.S. response to Un.

Un selects children for octopus launching

Un selects children for octopus launching

They may not have changed the world as a barbershop quartet.

They may not have changed the world as a barbershop quartet.

It was just over 50 years ago when the Fab Four released their first record to a square world and ushered in Beatlemania, moptops and you say you want a revolution–– well, you got it.

Sure, those Brit guys get the glory but a small kid from Ohio (me) had a bit of an influence on the band. Dig.

Here’s the original Lennon-McCartney lyrics to She Loves You:
She loves you,
yes, yes, yes
She loves you,
yes, yes, yes…

I suggested they get a bit more informal–– yeah, yeah, yeah.

The band originally wanted to sport crewcuts, wear cardigan sweaters and perform barbershop quartet music. I suggested they let their hair grow, suit up and play electrified rock and roll music.

The band wanted to drop acid–– sulfuric acid. A punk kid talked them out of it.

The same kid helped them change the lyrics to some of their most famous songs. See if you can guess what those songs were from these original titles the band had: I Am The Wombat, Baby, You’re A Financially Sound Man With A Diversified Portfolio, Carry That Freight, Revolution 7, Penny Loafers, Very Attractive Sadie, Let It Pee, A Day In Wife, Glass Pearl Onion, Cathy Rigby, Everybody’s Got Something To Ride Except Me And My Orangutang, Get Plaque, The Day Before Today, She Came In Through The Coal Chute, While My Guitar Takes Imipramine To Boost Its Spirits and Here Comes That Big Yellow Circle Thingy In The Sky.

Yes, the band changed the world, but it might not have been without some guidance in the shadows from a midwestern youngster.


Brian Patrick Flannigan plans on being hungover March 18. “I’m getting totally wicked wasted on St. Paddy’s Day,” said the 21-year old Lawrence, Massachusetts native, “I think he would have expected me to get blotto in honor of his birthday.”

Flannigan says he plans to wear all green on St. Patrick’s Day and drink only green beer. “St. Patrick invented green beer so I’m going to hoist a couple dozen in his honor. Green beer tastes better because it’s fresher. It’s green!”

The young man says he’ll also be sporting a “Irish Me Kiss I’m” button. “It’s hilarious because the words are all scrambled like they’re drunk or something. It’s a real conversation starter, for sure, and I think the ladies will be all over me. Can’t fail.”

The ambitious man states he will be training tonight for his St. Patrick’s Day celebration. “Me and the boys are pub crawling tonight, priming the pump for tomorrow. We’re training like athletes getting the old liver in shape. I think St. Patrick would be proud. He was the patron saint of partying! Wooooo!”

A look inside what's what in the V-City Race

A look inside what’s what in the big holy roller race

Here are some safe bets as the Papal conclave to replace retired Benedict XVI begins in Rome:
– The new Pope will be Catholic (or at least a very conservative Methodist)
– The new Pope may look into securing a new Pope Mobile as attractive financing rates are available for a limited time only during Pope-A-Thon Daze
– Chances are the new church leader will not select the following names: Pope Awesome, Pope Spike, Pope Jimmy T., Pope Coolness or Pope Slappy
– The smart money is on the winner being male
– Although campaigning will be intense, Karl Rove and James Carvelle will not secure consultant fees
– The winning candidate will most likely not moondance and trash talk competitors

Remember, you read it here first!

"Hey, get a load of these cool spots!"

“Hey, get a load of these cool spots!”

As many fools proclaim the death of TV spots, here is a sampling of classic commercials for all time selected by Mark Andrews with m-a-d-e in London.

Click here, little darling and prepare to enjoy the wonders of brilliant concepts that are well-written, art directed, directed and produced.

The Lint Screen cribbed this gem from that magnificent bastard who speaks unvarnished truth about the advertising biz (such as it is), George Parker of AdScam fame. Thanks, George, for spotlighting this great post.

Enjoy–– these desert island picks by Mr. Andrews are some mighty fine cheese.