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Aw, isn't ebola cute?!

Aw, isn’t ebola cute?!

Seeing the success ISIS has had since re-branding itself and making terrorism more approachable, the deadly disease Ebola has engaged its own public relations firm, award-winning Jennings, Marlowe, Everbrite Public Relations in Manhattan to address “softening our image” according to an anonymous Ebola spokesman.

“People misunderstand Ebola,” said the seven-foot tall spokesman, wearing a black hooded robe and carrying a sharp scythe. “The disease really ain’t all that bad. We just have an itsy bitsy image problem.”

Todd Ruminface, Executive VP of business development at JME-PR agreed with his new client. “Ebola’s got a bad rap. It’s feared because people associate the ailment with silly little side effects like death and the urge to be cremated or buried. We plan to change that, to give Ebola some topspin making it friendlier and more accessible. Heck, even cute and cuddly! To that end, we have a radical idea. We are going to use images of irresistible and lovable puppies in our social network feeds. This idea is really killer, and I’m sure our radical new campaign will make people stop avoiding Ebola, and maybe even embrace it!”

The seven-foot spokesperson made a happy grunting sound and swung his scythe in agreement.

The terrible terrorist group ISIL believes cute kittens will make it more adorable

The terrible terrorist group ISIS believes cute kittens will make it more adorable

The Islamic State Group (a.k.a. ISIL, ISIS, A-Holes, A-Whats-a-matter-u?) believes it has a bad reputation and has hired Milligan-Koswell Public Relations in New York City to soften its terrible image.

“These guys are pretty upset,” said E. Carlson Foswell, the Management Supervisor of the new account at M-K PR. “They’ve worked hard to establish a new brand in terrorism, one that is pure evil. A dream team of ruthlessness. The members are frustrated because they’re very savvy in social media channels, but they’re not viewed as being approachable. Let’s face it, Tweets, beheading videos, sadistic murders and outrageous cruelties will only get you so far, and it’s probably not going to make you many friends on Facebook.”

To combat the ISIS image problem, M-K PR has begun a new branding campaign employing cute kittens. “There’s a reason kittens are a meme–– they’re absolutely adorable! Using cute balls of fur with loving eyes will make ISIS more approachable. Kittens also acknowledge a ferocious nature within. We think using kittens is brilliant! In addition, we’re creating a total re-branding campaign with a bright colorful logo, a jingle with a bouncy-C infectious beat, and a catchy slogan. It’ll be epic! We’re also working to get a terrorist spokesman on Fallon, Letterman and The Daily Show. Maybe even a guest spot in Gray’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead or Modern Family. We’re even talking with the NFL about possibly performing at halftime during The Super Bowl. We’re pulling out all the stops.”

In response to the announcement, al-Qaeda is reportedly putting its marketing/PR account up for review.

World's most popular excellent incredible amazing leader returns to adoring masses

World’s most popular excellent incredible amazing leader returns to adoring and loving masses

Ebola, ISIL, Ukraine, immigrants, midterm elections–– just when you thought the news couldn’t get any worse, comes amazing revelations from North Korea as its beloved leader Kim Jong Un returns to the public eye after disappearing since September 3.

“I was on a a bit of a walkabout,” said the charismatic god-like head of state. “All the reports of my cheese addiction and gout bouts are wrong and those who spread such lies will be caught, tortured and slaughtered like the pigs they are. I will stretch their skins over furniture and sell it at Ikea!”

The incredible man began eating the large wheel of cheddar cheese that he sat upon and continued speaking through orange chews. “I have been doing important things, like curing cancer, ebola and becoming the first man to run a two-minute mile and shoot a record sixteen for an 18-hole round of golf. It was on Augusta National. I have the scorecard to prove it. I also bowled a 480 game, my beer frame was remarkable, and I hit a baseball so hard that it landed on the moon. Anyone who doubts these amazing feats will have his throat sliced. The population of the world can now once again sleep at night–– its greatest leader and human speciman is back!”


Lawyers march on The Lint Screen offices.

Lawyers march on The Lint Screen offices.

Give people an inch, and they’ll sue you.

The Lint Screen recently made the generous offer to provide free urine testing over the internet, and rather than be heaped with praise, our offices have been heaped with lawsuits from shills in shiny suits representing pissed people claiming that they have urine-stained and broken computer keyboards.

Boo hoo, wah wah!

But this morning was the straw that made the camel smoke Camel cigarettes because he hurt his back, and our dander is up in its hackles. We’ve just received a lawsuit claiming that some idiot thought we were also testing stool samples over the internet, and, well, you can imagine what the doofus did.

We give up! Effective IMMEDIATELY, The Lint Screen is stopping all its advanced medical testing. This includes our internet blood testing, Ebola screening, dialysis, Lance Armstrong blood doping, Keith Richards blood immortality transfusions and our sperm bank.

We’re sorry, but it’s obvious no one can do anything nice these days–– not with lawyers running around suing anything that moves.