O’Reilly will not go quietly into the night.

Fox News may have killed Bill O’Reilly, but his gravesite will not be a no-spin zone.

In an exclusive interview with The Lint Screen, the megastar opened up about his mistreatment by Fox. “I made those people billions, billions of dollars over the years, and for that, they give me the bum’s rush out the door?! Unbelievable,” the tall newscaster barked.

“And why? I’ll tell you why–– because I’m too damn good looking, smart as the Dickens, charismatic, charming and irresistible, that’s why. But a bunch of broads said I made sexual advances to them and said inappropriate things, and for that, these cutesy little snowflakes melt, lawyer-up and file lawsuits. Is that what this nation’s become–– a pack of rabid suing crybabies? That’s not my America. No sir!”

O’Reilly claims he is innocent of all charges brought against him. “It’s not my fault Fox decided to pay instead of play. They forked over the cash, and the next thing I know, every girl who ever slipped on some panties accuses me of chasing her skirts. Well, what if it was the other way around? What if I’m the real victim here?!”

O’Reilly then trashed The Lint Screen offices and threw a chair through the window. Then he punched this reporter in the kisser and breadbasket and charged out the door. “I need a goddamn drink,” he was heard saying to himself.

Bar patrons have been warned…