Arkansas actuary was in a huff over his new Chinos.

Brad Palstettler is not usually prone to anger, but he blew a gasket when he looked in the mirror and saw his backside in his new Chinos.

“I don’t have the most athletic body,” the 34-year-old actuary from Pine Bluff, Arkansas told The Lint Screen in an exclusive interview. “But the Chinos I bought at Sears made my butt look huge! I mean, like the backside of a rhino big. Exclamation point.”

Palstettler is a numbers man, so he conducted man-on-the-street interviews by asking people how his butt looked in the Chinos. “I got a few face slaps from women who thought I was being fresh, but, 92% of the people did think my butt looked kind of big. And the 8% who didn’t, well, they weren’t much to look at themselves. So I was 100% sure they weren’t working for me.”

The upset man decided he’d return the Chinos. “Sears is pretty good about returns,” he said. “Long as you have your receipt, it’s usually not a problem. They asked if there was a reason why I was returning them. I said I didn’t like the color. I didn’t need any jazz from the salesperson.”

Mr. Palstettler said he might try shopping Wal-Mart next. “They might have some Chinos that’ll minimize my butt girth. We’ll see. I always say Summertime is chinos-time!”