This adorable meme has changed one man’s world view!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a meme with three letters may be worth a gazillion!

In a historic first, a meme has completely changed the world political view of a man in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. It happened on a popular social media website called Facebook.

Robert Chesney has been a registered Democrat for 42-years, his Facebook friend, Mitch Questor, is a 41-year registered Republican. “We’ve been debating politics forever,” Chesney told The Lint Screen. “If I lean left, Mitch leans right. We counterbalance each other.”

Not anymore!

On Friday, Chesney posted a message on Facebook that was critical of the Trumpcare legislation being written in the Senate. Upon reading his friend’s post, Questor sprung into action and posted: “You lost snowflake! We won! Get over it!!!” Along with his victory cheer, Questor attached a meme with a laughing cat and the message LOL (pictured above).

SHAZAM–- Chesney’s life was changed!

“Suddenly, I came to embrace Trumpcare,” Chesney said. “I realized we need to cut Medicaid and Medicare and give big tax cuts to the wealthy and medical companies. Then, the free market will take care of unhealthy poor people, children, old people, and soon the economy will trickle down riches for all of us to enjoy. That laughing cat made me see the errors of my ways!”

Questor was happy his laughing cat meme worked. “I may have discovered the secret weapon in bringing our country back together again,” he said. “Social media is a good tool for changing the minds of idiots!”