Devin Nunes plots more conspiracies to blather about

Congressman Devin Nunes is a huge drama queen, and through exceptional investigative journalism (and a crisp Lincoln and shiny buttons) The Lint Screen has discovered some of the memo subjects the hysterical looney may write and release. They are shocking!

Benghazi And Hillary, Kenya and No Obama Birth Certificate–– The Plot To Destroy Our Democracy From The Inside

A Complete List of All The Commies in Hollywood (NOTE: IF YOU PRINT THIS, YOU’LL NEED SOME EXTRA REAMS OF PAPER)

How The Democrats Are Working With Satan To Promote Science In Schools And Teaching Our Children To Take Knees During The National Anthem

Mueller Is On A Witch Hunt And Is Talking Behind The President’s Back So He Must Be Charged With Treason

Pets–– They Can’t Be Trusted. Beware!

What About Monica? And Travelgate? And Vince Foster? And Benghazi? And Hillary’s Missing E-Mails? And Joe Scarborough Murdering His Intern? What About Them, Huh? Maybe Someone Should Look Into That Stuff!!!!

The Fake Media Has A Vendetta Against Glorious Leader, Why Americans Should Only Trust Fox News

FBI Evil Forces Are Against Making America Great Again Even If They Are Registered Republicans! They Are The Bad Kind!

Why Our Future Survival And Robust Economy Depends On Fossil Fuels

Proof There Was Absolutely No Collusion With Russia, And That Donald J. Trump Won Fair And Square, And Why Is It Putin Seems To Get Better Looking Every Day? Has He Found The Fountain of Youth, Or What? The Guy Is Dreamy!

Nunes is determined to continue his nonpartisan crusade for truth, or so he says.