In May, 2008, Patrick Scullin was in New Orleans. He had a bellyful of Abita
beer and the name “The Lint Screen” popped in his head. It would be a
blogaterium where the “lint” of thought are collected and readers are the
Bounce sheets that clean it. Was the name divine intervention or just some
spooky twist of fate? The jury’s still out. Enjoy.

If you likes what you sees, spread the word like lint to the wind.

3 Responses to “ The Name ”

  1. ed young says:

    fun stuff



  2. Corey Lowe says:


    The site is great! Very entertaining. And congrats on the big win at the Addy’s.

  3. tom scullin says:

    I hear you’re holed up from your hip operation.
    (adam corolla reference SBT at minute 45-6 today).

    Can I get some action while you’re in traction?

    Got a hankering for that Progressive ad gal. She has the perdiest possible white clothes and bright red lipstick. All that is going to be smeared down between us. I knows she loves me too, longtime.

    Stir your magic Madman pot and get me my hot honey.

    And don’t tell my wife, or my hound dog.

    I hope others don’t take advantage or you in your straits, but I’m not a bother. I”m your dear brother.

    Heal. Get well , and don’t swell, like I do that woe-man.

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