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Ames Scullin O’Haire continues its series on life in a post merger mega agency network world with a trailer and the third installment of the saga.

Enjoy, tricksters.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the film:

You’ve read about it in The New York Times, now catch the film critics are calling “Not as bad as I’d thought it would be” and “Better than a fist in the face or a dagger in the pancreas.”

Here it is, the sequel to “The Merger”, “The Merger (pt. 2)”

This year, some of the slickest marketing the agencies involved with this merger will do is selling why the merger is good to their clients.

We think it might go something like this…

What becomes a legend most? Some fanciful story that warms the cockles of your heart. But sometimes cockles need to be jump started with truth. Here’s an animated defibrillator.

Happy, merry to you and yours from us and ours at The Lint Screen.

Ten months after painful hip replacement surgery (read all about it in a revealing 19-part series in the ‘Hip Replacements’ category of The Lint Screen), post production has finally been completed on the sequel to “The Beard”, a stunning new art film entitled “Le Hair de Hip” exploring one man’s dilemma with another man’s facial hair.

Grab the Milk Duds and enjoy the film. Be sure to stay through the credits, give your review and share this little video like corn on the cob at a fiddle competition.

What’s it like to roam the earth in search of acceptance, love and the occasional bite?

Frankly, it sucks.

Confessions of a lonely fruitcake from Ames Scullin O'Haire on Vimeo.

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