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At last, a quick and convenient was to collect urine samples.

At last, a quick and convenient way to collect your urine samples.

As a public service, The Lint Screen is proud to offer a revolutionary advance in medicine–– urine tests collected over the internet!

YES, just in time for flu and cold season, we will scientifically analyze your urine and identify the vitamins, minerals and supplements you need to battle the nasty germs and bacteria waiting to attack you in the dangerous cold season ahead.

The cost? FREE.
How can we do this? Volume. We said, “VOLUME!!!”

Act now and take advantage of this incredible offer. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Collect urine sample (urinate directly on to your keyboard)
2. Use a pen or pencil and hit the SEND button
3. We’ll analyze your sample and RUSH your results!

FYI, this also works on mobile devices and tablets. HURRY!!!

What becomes a legend most? Some fanciful story that warms the cockles of your heart. But sometimes cockles need to be jump started with truth. Here’s an animated defibrillator.

Happy, merry to you and yours from us and ours at The Lint Screen.

In case it got lost in the mail, which I believe is soon to be delivered two days a week between the hours of 1-4 PM, here is the official 2011 Scullin Christmas card wishing the best to you and yours from us and ours. The back of the card was written by son, Matt, or as we like to call him “the one standing on the right.” He did a great job. Enjoy and merry, happy.

The front of the card

Inside right of the card

Inside left of the card

For 25 years, I’ve given Hallmark the Heisman and created our very own Christmas cards. It’s a creative challenge and undeniable proof that I care enough to lick an envelope.

Now that our sons are older, they alternate year to year on writing the back of the card– the shameless plea for money, a Scullin family tradition. Matt did the honors this year. Feel free to send donations, they like money (the gift that never needs returning).

Here’s digital wishes for a merry happy to you and yours from us and ours. Simply click to view this year’s model of our card, O.K.? Scullin Christmas Card 09

Get a load of this ad and over five dozen more, FREE!

Get a load of this ad and over five dozen more, FREE!

You like entertainment? Inspiration? Temptation? Ads with added subtle propagandistic messaging? You’ve come to the right place, pal.

Introducing the exclusive Vortex Bar & Grill/Ames Scullin O’Haire Screensaver, yours for the downloading over the interwebs free o’ charge.

Enjoy over 60 Vortex ads, intermixed with subliminal messages from the agency that created them. You’re sure to love this screensaver, and your screen will love you for saving it from the damnation of burn-in.

Pick your flavor, download and enjoy. Free is a good price for anything, and a great price for something this eye-feasting-licious. Yow-wee-ka-zowee!
Download away!

The economy’s ugly and it’s hurting a lot of people. Political pundits point fingers and flap their yaps endlessly about who is at fault. Not to worry, there’s plenty of blame to go around.

The little film does a brilliant job of explaining the entire sorted stew in just over 11 minutes. The staff of economists at The Lint Screen vouch that as far as we can tell it’s pretty spot-on about who did what, when, where, how and why.

Spend a little time and learn a lot. Let’s hear your reactions. Accurate? Bull? Fluff? And how do you feel about these same scumbuckets still getting paid bonuses out the wazoo? Sorry, that was neither fair nor balanced…

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

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