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Contented passengers enjoying their flight in “spacious cabin.”


For the first time in recorded history, a commercial airline flight had no bellyaching about a lack of legroom in the cabin.

“It’s a miracle,” said Flight Attendant Sheila Wesporde who worked American Airlines flight #491 from Phoenix to Los Angeles.on March 27. “I get tired of hearing people complain about the lack of legroom in their seats. It just gets old. I mean, I don’t design the planes or anything–– I just work them.”

“All our passengers on this flight were perfectly delighted,” said Roger That, Public Relations Specialist with the airline. “Our spacious aircraft are designed to afford passengers acres of ample legroom so they can stretch out and feel like they’re roaming the great planes of America! Planes with great planes spaces, yes indeedy!” The toothsome 40-something man smiled and gave a thumbs up.

“And I flew the plane,” said Capt. Lyle Westhurn. “I’m a pilot!”

A tumbleweed blew up the aisle as a coyote howled in the distance as a reporter from The Lint Screen scurried to hide in the restroom.