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The Turley Sisters are out to make it a competitive race!

When it was announced recently that Cylde and Rebecca Hundsinger, the billionaire ultra conservatives behind ALLIED ACME Industries, were deciding on which nonhuman presidential candidate to back with their Super PAC, another power group surfaced with its own Super PAC ideas.

The Turley Sisters of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who are listed in the nation’s top 100 wealthiest families, have decided to form a Super PAC because “they don’t trust that liberal Hudsinger couple to do right by God-fearin’ folks. They dress in far too revealing a manner and appear to have no earthly control over their ravenous libidos. The Hudsingers shant taint the political waters with their wantonness ways,” said a Turley family spokesperson.

The Turly fortune was made by great grandfather Augustus Turley who revolutionized retail with his Turly Pollywog, Stilts & Saltwater Taffy Emporium in 1892. His retail empire spread like wildfire on fire and soon every American city with a population over 10 had a Turley Emporium. With a fortune amassed, the Turley empire eventually crumbled as Americans lost interest in baby frogs, height enhancing sticks and salty confections.

“The Turley family has always believed in good clean living,” said a spokesperson, “and the Turley Sisters will not allow political libertines like Cylde and Rebecca Hundsinger to pollute the purity of our nation’s soul.”

It is rumored the Turley Sisters are holding extensive interviews with all nonhuman candidates before deciding on where to put their Super PAC money support.

Cylde and Rebecca Hundsinger's big money is about to come raining down this election season.

The Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling treated corporations, unions and nonprofits as humans, giving them political voice through the formation of Super PACS to spend money on political advertising. A flood of Super PAC money is about to wash into the nonhuman presidential campaign, The Lint Screen has learned today in the back corner of a dingy bar reeking of stale beer and aged vomit.

“Cylde and Rebecca Hundsinger, the billionaire ultra conservative couple who own ALLIED ACME Industries, are reviewing all the nonhuman candidates to determine who they want to back with their Super PAC, ‘Citizens For A Decent, Celibate And Righteously Moral Future’,” said an industry insider in conspiratorial whispers. “They are sitting on a ton of cash and they have deep pockets to make anyone win.”

The industry insider excused himself to go to the bathroom and The Lint Screen reporter upheld the high journalistic tradition of slipping out the front door before the bar bill arrived.