Today is July 27. Big deal, right?

It is a big deal because every-single-blessed-day is some sort of obscure holiday, and your friends at Ames Scullin O’Haire have captured an entire year’s worth of the suckers and forged them into a challenging (some say impossible) game. Up for it, sparky?

A bird thinks about link sausages.

A bird dreams about wide-brimmed hats. Silly bird!

Look over yonder to the right under the Blogroll and click on TOUGHEST GAME IN WORLD. Click your way to July 27 and select which obscure holiday today is. See if you’re right.

Then try some other days.

If you can do three in a row, you’re decent.

Five in a row, you’re good.

Eight in a row, you’re great.

Ten in a row, you’re a master. I bow to your glory and bask in your greatness wearing spf 240 lotion.

We’ve yet to meet a ‘master.’ When we do, he/she will get his/her own obscure holiday and legions will follow singing praise and doing what adoring legions do.