What kind of idiot was he anyway?

What kind of idiot was he anyway?

    I recently came across this startling photograph of Mr. Thomas Alva Edison, the man credited with inventing the electric lightbulb. Staring at the photo it struck me like some sort of object striking another really hard that Edison was an energy-wasting pig!

    Just take a gander at his lightbulb! It’s a big ol’ energy-sucking magilla… the kind of thing that just drinks energy like some sort of energy-drinking something or other.

    Everyone knows that those curly lightbulbs are the ones that save energy, so what’s the deal with old man Edison anyway? You don’t like our planet, Mr. Hotshot Inventioneer Guy?!

    Jeesh, come on, Edison– maybe a little more homework next time, huh? 

    I feel better now and I apologize for my metaphor problem. My metaphors today are as bad as something made by some sort of bad metaphor-making thingy.