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Prince confesses math weakness

Prince confesses math weakness

Baginza Washoobi, a wealthy Nigerian prince who has sent personal emails to many people worldwide, today admitted that he lied.

“I miscalculated my net worth,” the embarrassed prince told The Lint Screen. “I have been telling people my family fortune is forty-six million U.S. dollars, but actually, I’m afraid it is closer to forty-five million U.S. dollars. I most sincerely apologize for this misunderstanding. Apparently my math skills are not as gooder as my English.”

The prince said he will happily share his family fortune with anyone who provides him with his or her financial information. “The banking laws in my country do not allow for the funds to be withdrawn by myself. Otherwise, I would be happy to give all of my financial holdings to a fortunate recipient. Instead, I must have help from someone with a U.S. banking relationship. Once I have the proper account numbers and passwords, I can easily transfer my sizable wealth. And I am most anxious to do so!”

The Lint Screen thinks Prince Washoobi passes the sniff test. He appears to be an honest chap. Our editorial staff suggests that parties interested in securing a fabulous fortune contact the good prince immediately. Simply share your financial records and passwords with bwashoobi@aol.com

     A despondent Bernard Madoff is reportedly on suicide watch.  He’s been trumped, by a mannequin.

    The magical Greek fishing cap that bestows instant Fonzie coolness to its wearer has finally surfaced and landed on the noggin of a mannequin working at a Beall’s Department Store in Port Arthur, Texas. The cap was owned by a deposed Nigerian prince and Bernie Madoff paid the prince’s lawyer $50 billion for the cool headgear (plus a few extra million for shipping and handling)… all to no avail. The mannequin received the surprise package yesterday and has refused comment on how the Greek fishing cap came into his possession. Authorities did not press the issue since the mannequin “looked so wicked cool we didn’t want to be pests or anything.”

Now that's coooooool! Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!  

      “This just isn’t fair,” said an angry Madoff, “I paid my good hard-earned money and I’ve got nothing in return. Nothing! I’ve lost everything I owned to a charlatan. There ought to be a law against these kind of shenanigans!” Madoff said as tears streamed down his face and mucus trickled from his furry nostrils, grossing out reporters and bystanders alike. “There oughta be laws against this,” blurted Madoff as ear wax leaked out of his audio caves. Reporters and bystanders hurled.

    Meanwhile, the mannequin has become an instant celebrity with people making pilgrimages to see him and bask in his utter uber-coolness. Some who have witnessed the mannequin in Greek fishing cap claim he is “even cooler than Fonzie was”, while others say the mannequin is “cooler than Potsie, Ralph, or Ritchie, most def, but maybe not quite Fonzie cool. Well, O.K., maybe Fonzie cool but not cooler.”

    Madoff yearns to travel to Port Arthur to see for himself but cannot travel due to his house arrest. Irony police are standing watch on him. The world exhales and life goes on.

    The Lint Screen has just learned breaking news in the Madoff Fonzie Scheme.

    Bernie Madoff received a confidential e-mail this afternoon from the attorney representing the deposed NIgerian Prince in possession of a magical Greek fishing cap that makes its owner “as cool as Arthur Fonzarelli”— the same cap Madoff paid $50 billion for over a month ago. 

    The e-mail is printed in its entirety, exactly as received:

    “Deer Mistre Maodff Sir,

    Happy recive your money lately. Many doler bills to count, but I do and it do make fidfty bilon dolerz. Very good yes!!! 

    As promis, am soon to send the Prince hat to you for to ware and be lik Fonzee– aaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that cool yes is vary cool!

    Prince wunders if he might  reqest a bit mor muny for postag to send hat. Mail is vary expensiv. Maybey only anuther milon or tu dolerz for stamp.

    Is good? Hope see muny frum you  soon so you ware hat soon tu!!!


    Amir “Skip” Mahdi, Atturny


    Madoff is reportedly franticly searching his apartment for spare change and has called Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick to arrange a meeting on a hot investment idea he has.

     $50 billion later, Mr. Bernard Madoff’s about as cool as a penguin on fire.

Ball cap? You call that cool? We call that pitifully pathetic!

Ball cap? You call that cool? We call that pitifully pathetic!

    The poor huckster is hiding the shame he must feel after being taken for $50 billion by a lawyer claiming to represent a deposed Nigerian prince who owns a Greek fishing cap with magical powers to make its owner as cool as Fonzie. Madoff paid the piper but has heard no music just yet.

   Now Madoff appears in public wearing a baseball cap, decidedly uncool headwear. Meanwhile, one imagines the legendary Greek fishing cap somewhere perched atop the skull on one cool hombre. One must get back to work, however, lest one lose hours imagining oneself as said cool hombre wearing the magical Greek fishing cap.

    “Why me?” said an anguished Madoff as he removed his stupid ballcap and rubbed his hair, “I don’t deserve this kind of pain and suffering.” He suddenly stopped, looked to his shoulders and cried, “No, not dandruff, too! Why does God hate me so?”

    Bernie Madoff, the notorious Wall Street huckster under federal investigation for scamming $50 billion from investors, may have been delivered his karmic comeuppance. 

    Madoff claims to have recently received an e-mail from an attorney representing a Nigerian Prince. The attorney stated that the deposed Prince was in exile and in desperate need of cash to buy back the throne that was his birthright.

Madoff just wanted Potsie's respect, and was willing to pay for it!

Madoff just wanted Potsie's respect, and was willing to pay for it!

    The attorney stated the Prince was willing to sell something he owned that was much more valuable than “mere money” in order to raise the required capital–– “it’s a magic Greek fishing cap that makes its owner as cool as Arthur Fonzarelli (aka THE FONZE), on TV’s ‘Happy Days’.”

    The mysterious attorney claimed all the Prince wanted for the magic Fonze Greek fishing cap was $50 billion. No taxes, no hidden fees, no surcharges. 

    Madoff said he lept at the chance to secure the valuable item. “I’m a big Fonzie fan and always wanted to be just like him. I mean, come on, to have Ritchie, Potsie, Ralph, Mrs. C., Chachi and the whole crew look up to you–- aaayyy, get outta ‘ere, who wouldn’t want that, ehhhh?!”

    So, Madoff did as instructed and wired the attorney representing the Nigerian Prince $50 billion. “It was pretty much all the money I had, except for a couple million bucks walking around money that I keep in trouser and jacket pockets. But it’s been four weeks and I still haven’t received the magic Fonzie Greek fishing cap,” said a crushed Madoff. “I hope this Nigerian Prince’s lawyer is on the level. I’d hate to think I was taken advantage of. Hey, Nigerian Prince’s lawyer, if you’re reading this, come on, give up the Greek fishing cap, aaayyyyy!”

    With that, Madoff awkwardly thrust a thumb into the air and poked himself in the left eye. “Owwww,” he said, “that hurts. Aaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.”


The only thing in my pockets is pockets!

The only thing in my pockets is pockets!

    I’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from bill collectors and such demanding payment on some of the purchases I’ve made since I thought I would be in Richie Richville. It seems my bank account and 401-K funds have been bled dry by someone I’ve never met– a Mr. Wong, allegedly from Hong Kong, who claimed he’d slather me with over $125 million cool ones in exchange for my financial information.

    It seemed like a pretty good deal to me. Swap some stupid financial account numbers and passwords for a big honking payday. Sweetness!

    Now I’m feeling a bit the fool. I’m starting to think the whole deal was a ruse– maybe there is no $125 million. Youch!

    The worst part is the ironic thing that happened today: I’ve received an e-mail from a Nigerian Prince. Seems he can make me $256,000,000 if I just give him some of my personal financial info so that he can cut through the red tape and free-up his family’s fantabulous wealth. A great opportunity has fallen into my lap and I don’t have a pot to pee in. Woe is me.

    Mr. Wong, if you’re reading please cut me a check for some of my $125 million. A Nigerian Prince and I are both counting on you to do the right thing. Act now… PLEASE!