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How I hate you, Mr. Wong!

Wong is Satan!

     Lying is not nice.

     Making someone THINK they are going to be rich and then not coming through with the do re mi is evil.

     Robbing someone of their life savings through skullduggery is downright cruel.

    As of today, I am broke. Tap city. Busted. Effective today, consider me President of the “I Hate Mr. Peter TS Wong” Club.

    From this point on, I will be suspicious of e-mails that promise great fortune in return for personal financial info. Apparently there are dishonest people out there and they are bad. Sorry, I lost my cool. Rats! I think this barrel has termites…


HELP, Mr. Wong!

HELP, Mr. Wong!

     It seems I may have been a wee bit premature in declaring my independent stinking fat-cat wealth recently.  Apparently Mr. Peter T S Wong of Heng Seng Bank Hong Kong is too busy to cut me my check for $125,750,000 as promised.

     In the meantime, I have incurred some substantial debt with some necessary purchases: a solid gold anvil (which proves my excellence in blacksmithery), a diamond-encrusted can koozie, a satchel of ‘magic beans’ I purchased from a desperate wizard and a Pizza Hut Pizza with everything on it– and I do mean everything, including the originals of the Magna Carta and Constitution of the United States (making it one very pricey pie).

     Mr. Wong, I am at your mercy. Please cut me my check ASAP and we’ll remain BFF, I swear!