Ohio goes Canuck, what will the political system do?

After being pummeled with non-stop political ads for months on end, pestered by pollsters and pundits, and being yammered at by candidates from both political parties, Ohio is calling off the jams. The Buckeye State has formally declared that it is no longer one of these United States of America. It is now officially a Canadian province.

“We had our fill, eh,” said former Ohio state representative Horace N. Hubbard. “The constant barrage of ads slinging mud, the never-ending parade of pols and their idiotic photo ops, the polling people and nonstop video remotes–- it just made life unbearable. We looked across Lake Erie and saw our solution: Canada, the most loved country on Earth. Good healthcare, virtually no gun violence, sane and cordial people. A country so confident in its inherit coolness, it even has a big ol’ honkin’ red leaf on its flag. So we decided to go for it, we Ohioans have become Canadians, eh.”

In celebration, Ohioans stormed polling places and broke all voting machines. “After they tried to suppress the vote,” said Becky Tumberdon a former election official, “we said to hell with it. Let the other 49 states decide who runs the country. We’ll be watching hockey and drinking good beer, eh.”

Both campaigns are at a loss with what to do with their free time now that Ohio has seceded. One campaign manager said that the candidates may scour Virginia in search of dirty pots and pans. “Candidates scrubbing seems to test very well with focus groups,” he said.