Humorous question ends tragically for one South Carolina home owner.

As record high temperatures gripped many states across the country, a 58-year old South Carolinian died responding to an ironic joke.

Law enforcement officials report that J. Mundy Catwalls of Anderson, South Carolina, died today when a neighbor, Willis Hargrain, saw him clipping his front hedges in 106-degree heat and asked, “Hot enough for ya?” Catwalls began laughing heavily at the ironically humorous question. Soon, he began convulsing with laughter. He laughed loudly for eleven minutes, with neighbors coming out of their homes to see what the commotion was about. Finally, Catwalls dropped dead of a massive heart attack.

“I didn’t mean no harm to him, I swear,” said a grief-stricken Hargrain. “Mundy was a good man, a good neighbor and a good friend. I guess sometimes my madcap humor just gets the better of me. I couldn’t be more sorry.”

Local law enforcement officials are still investigating the incident and say that legal charges may be made against Hargrain.