My benefactor, my hero!

My benefactor, my hero!

    Apparently the readership of this blog is much larger and more influential than I thought.

    A certain kind woman across the pond has read my tragic story of getting fleeced by the evil Peter TS Wong has taken pity on me. She has sold a few family jewels and spotted me some cash to tide me through the tough times ahead.

    In return, I will have to do some work around her house– doing bothersome tasks like cleaning out the gutters, scrubbing and sanitizing toilets, helping pull taffy and the like. I will perform my duties gladly. She has saved me from ruin.

    Of course, should Mr. Wong finally come through with the money he promised, I’ll be able to blow-off the old bird and her menial tasks and drink caviar-flavored champagne instead.

    Until then, I am a humble servant to me-lady.