Over $100 million spent on ads is improving BP's image.

Officials at BP today reported they are achieving excellent results from the over $100 million it has spent on advocacy ads to blunt its negative image following the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill.

“We’re quite pleased with the results our corporate ads have had,” said Tim Jourdinky, Minister of Corporate Propaganda. “After our little mishap, people associated BP with Satan, which isn’t ideal from an image perspective. Today, we’re associated with lesser strains of evil, like Stalin or Hitler. The messages are working. People are buying them!”

Mr. Jourdinky declined to comment on the actual efforts BP is doing in cleaning up the environmental mess, compensating a variety of local businesses for income lost because of the spill and fixing lapses in safety standards to ensure another “mishap” like the Deepwater Horizon never happens again.

“Reality is reality and there’s not much we can do about it,” the spin guru said, “but crafting messages that give hope and change perceptions– that’s the goal here. And we’re moving strongly toward the goal line!”