Man told truth; he does not take it very well.

Man told truth and does not take it very well.

Teddie Scondpitt and Don Burmmon have known each other for over sixteen years, yet, in a surprising move, Teddie lied to his best friend yesterday The Lint Screen has learned.

Don has been recording some original songs on his MacBook Pro’s Garage Band, and yesterday he played a few compositions for his friend. “I told him the songs were cool,” confessed a distraught Teddie, “but I was lying. The music was like the soundtrack you might hear driving into Sucktown where everything sucks. The stuff was awful, heinous on parade. The worst ever. My ears were choking back vomit.”

“Teddie said that–– really?” Don asked this reporter when told his pal’s quotes. Don had no idea he’d been lied to by his alleged friend. “I thought the dude was totally into it. He was bobbing his head and smacking his thigh. Dude acted like he was digging it with two shovels. But now I hear he was faking it, feeding me a line of B.S. Well, that’s not cool,” Teddie said as he lowered his head and began sobbing. “That’s not cool at all.”

It appears honesty has ruined another healthy relationship.