Medical Science has made me better, eventually.

Medical Science has made me better, eventually.

Tomorrow I go to the surgeon for my follow-up visit.

It’s been almost a month since my total hip replacement. If all goes well with my examination, I should get the green light for driving– meaning no matter what color the traffic signal is, I can GO. Your ‘ordinary traffic laws’ do not apply. I think that’s how it goes.

The point is, I should be able to drive again, provided I sit on a pillow of some folded blankets to keep the hip elevated. Since it’s my left hip that was replaced, it won’t come into the driving equation too often. I’m right-footed.

I should be able to ease slowly back into the workaday world with the ably-jointed.

I have been a good boy, doing my physical therapy exercises, getting rest, getting somewhat stronger and doing these postings for therapeutic purposes. My hope is that my pain = your reading pleasure.

Do I recommend hip replacements? No, not if you don’t need them. Recovery is tough. Play Parcheesi instead.

But if you are troubled with constant arthritic pain, if your life is one of pain management, well, something needs to give. And a bum hip seems to be the ante.

I’m curious to see what my medic says. Onward I limp!