Disney Attorneys: are they more frightening that SEAL Team 6?

Disney has made a great patriotic gesture by dropping its intent to trademark the phrase “SEAL Team 6” for use on garments, clothing, ornaments, and every object on earth. Now commoners can use “SEAL Team 6” without fear of being swarmed and pummeled with lawsuits by Disney legal counsellors.

Thank you, Disney.

However, Disney has decided to trademark some other phrases including the following:
“My penguin is jittery”
“Pass the salt, please”
“Is this your umbrella?”
“That’s why they call it ‘marauding'”
“I think I have food poisoning”
“Hey, how about wiping off the seat of the stationary bike before you leave, jerkwad?”
“Wad the tracing paper, dance a wee bit of a jig–– we’re going to Santa Fe!”

Legal experts are unsure if Disney will be able to clear muster of trademarking all these phrases and words, but know they your ability to freely use them may be limited.

By the way, is this your umbrella?