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America, meet the newly-named FaceHenge!

America, meet the newly-named FaceHenge!

President Barack Obama is on a roll. After announcing his plan to change the name of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley to Mt. Denali, The Lint Screen has learned he has other name changes he’ll soon put in place.

The Washington Monument will soon be renamed Pointy Cement Skyscraper.
The Statue of Liberty will carry the moniker Liberty Insurance’s Logo Lady.
The Jefferson Memorial will be called Mr. Fancy Pants Cabana.
Gettysburg National Military Park will have a new moniker playing off Obama’s favorite Beatles song, Bloody Fields Forever
Mount Rushmore will be known as FaceHenge.
The Lincoln Memorial will be renamed Abe’s Chill-A-Torium.
Golden Gate Bridge will be known as McKinley’s Land Connector (as an appeasement to Ohioans cheesed-off with his Mt. Denali decision).
The Liberty Bell gets a new name that’s an homage to one of the president’s favorite TV shows–– The Big Clang Theory

A White House spokesman said there may be some who are upset at these decisions, “But so what? Who’s going to question the guy who lives in The Snow Palace. By the way, that’s the new name for the White House.”

Vlad struts his stuff after scoring first Olympic gold medal

Vlad struts his stuff after scoring first Olympic gold medal

Rooskie #1, Vladimir Putin, has scored a first for world leaders by snagging the first gold medal at the Sochi Olympic Games.

“I defy anyone to find another country’s president who ever won any medal in Olympics history,” said a beaming Putin as he wore his gold medal on his bare chest with erect nipples responding to the cool Sochi breezes. “You think Queen Elizabeth, Obama, Merkel, Peres or Pope Francis could compete on the same level I can? And what of these so-called athletes who train their entire lives? Yes, they too are made to look foolish by my magnificence and humble, giving nature,” Putin said lighting a cigarette and kicking a stray dog.

Indeed, fact checkers with The Lint Screen could find no record of a world leader even competing in the Olympics, except for Calvin Coolidge who had a tepid performance in the wrestling competition of the 1924 Summer games in Paris.

As for Putin, the audience did not witness what he did to earn his medal, but the judges awarded it to him in a unanimous decision. “President Putin is truly a marvel of athleticism,” said one Russian judge. “If he chose to, I have no doubt he would win all the gold medals and in fact we would have to mine for more gold–– his glory is that impressive!”

Putin bowed his head as he listened to the compliments laid at his altar. The Russian leader looked up and added, “Yes, and I am also not gay!”

The official poster for the candidate becomes an instant treasured keepsake. Awwww!

The next president of the United States may use a litter box if some exuberant voters have their way. Mr Tuggles, the adorable kitten from Canfield, Ohio, is officially a candidate in the 2012 presidential race!

“The people have spoken,” said campaign manager Jerry Ossenwold, “and they have spoken for cuteness over ugly politics as usual. Obama promised change, but he’s proven to be more of the same. He’s just another human doing human-y things. Mr Tuggles truly is change we can believe in and cuddle with. He’s the hope we have hoped for! Change that will change everything, with change to spare and spare change for all!”

While many speculated that the cute little kitty would run as an independent, Ossenwold announced Mr. Tuggles would join the crowded field of G.O.P. hopefuls. Already, the sweet little whiskers fella is drawing fire from his competitors.

“I hope Tuggles has nine lives,” said an unnamed tea party supporter, “because Rick Perry shoots feral varmints for sport, and Michele Bachmann has been bragging about having a killer recipe for salted kittens in a cake.”

She's out to win, you betcha!

Although she has not officially declared her candidacy for President, or her intent in serving the remainder of her term as Alaska governor, Sarah Palin is reportedly actively seeking support from rock star/reality show megastar Meatloaf (real name: Hamburger Loafenz).

Sources close to Palin report that the ex-Guv wants “Loaf-power” on her side.

“Meatloaf is a natural born leader,” said one Palin camp insider. “Many people follow his every move. Donald Trump was smart enough to know that and use it for his benefit. Support for The Donald simply was really about Meatloaf support. Now that his Hairness has decided to vote no-go to running for prez, the valuable Meatloaf vote is up for grabs.”

It's anybody's guess which way the big man will go!

Washington insiders are speculating that President Obama may soon begin a full court press to win Meatloaf support.

“Obama’s an astute politician,” said an anonymous White House staffer, “he knows that where the Loaf goes, so goes America. The 2012 election will not be about jobs, the economy, deficits, wars or foreign policy– it’ll be about what the public really cares about: the washed-up rocker vote.”

Indeed. Now that Mike Huckabee has also announced that he will not run for the oval office, his rockin’ supporter, Ted Nugent (real name: Harvey Catscratchian) is also in play.

“The smart candidate will be the one who can muster both Meatloaf and Ted Nugent support. And if that person can also somehow figure a way to get Steven Tyler’s vote, why that candidate will be swept into office. Heck, even if you only get a pair of them, well, two out of three ain’t bad. Both Palin and Obama know how high the stakes are, and they’re both working it hard! Yee-dawddle!

Politics is uglier than ever. Is it any wonder we have the finest politicians money can buy?

This election season is unbearably tragic.

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s boneheaded ‘Citizen United’ decision earlier this year, corporations, unions, rich fatcats and special interest groups can dump untold fortunes into political campaigns and causes. And, they can do so under the cloak of secrecy with fake organizational names like The Coalition For Freedom And Justice To Preserve Our Constitutional Rights, or People for Protection Against Terror & Terrorists, or Citizens Who Truly Love The American Way of Life, or God’s People Fighting The Hidden Satanic Powers.

All this money is used to make spots that plunge our political discourse to new depths of sleaze, muckraking and mud slinging. The spots flood the airwaves with copy points like…
“Joe Doe says he wants to lower taxes, but he’s never denied that he hasn’t killed small children or strangled puppies with his bare hands…”
“Tom Mutt claims to be a family man, but how do we know he doesn’t have three, four or even ten wives– with countless illegitimate children born out of wedlock? Can we really trust a man of unproven, questionable moral character to represent us in Washington?”
“If Jane Duwayne is so concerned about balancing the state’s budget, why did she get slapped with stinging penalty overdraft charges to her checking account in 1998? Is this the sort of fiscally irresponsible behavior we want today? Can we really trust our financial future to someone who is so reckless she’s been penalized by big banks? And how do we know she doesn’t owe those big bankers more payback? Can we really afford to mortgage our future, and our children’s future on Jane Duwayne?”
“Mike Tadpole says he’s a conservative Republican. But we have no idea if he voted for Obama, secretly loves Nancy Pelosi or is best friends with Harry Reid. And how do we know he’s not hiding bin Laden in his tool shed? Could that be the reason he’s never once talked about his tool shed in his campaigning? What’s Mike Tadpole hiding? Do we really want to find out?”

Sadly, until some real campaign finance reform legislation is passed, which will be next to never since the money funding politicians won’t allow it, we’re stuck with our current freak show political process and airwaves clogged with mud. And all too often, the candidates and causes with the deepest pockets win. And exactly whose best interest do you think they’re beholden to?

Pitiful. Can’t we do better?

Millions of Americans are upset because their New Year’s resolutions have failed already, not even one full week into 2010.

“I swore I was going to drop 140 pounds,” said 295 pound Paul Obsurlk of Destin, Florida, “but I stepped on the scale today and I’ve gained three pounds. It’s just not right and I blame Obama!”

Proof that his government failed him.

Kim Wrallings of Beechgrove, Tennessee vowed to quit smoking on New Year’s eve, but she lit-up shortly after waking on New Year’s day. “It was like I was totally helpless,” she said lighting a cigarette off the burning ember of the one she had been smoking. “All Obama talked about when he was running was ‘hope’ and I was hoping to quit. I feel betrayed, and when I feel betrayed I smoke even more,” the angry woman said flicking her lighted butt into this reporter’s face.

In Nampa, Idaho, Will Benttonfir blames the federal government for his failure to become a marathon runner. “I swore I’d run a marathon in 2010, but when I went out on January 1 and ran to the end of the block, I threw my cookies into a neighbor’s mailbox. I’m not up for 26 miles of that kind of pain and misery. Frankly I expected more from Washington. A lot more.”

Paul Flaxmoor of Manlius, New York also blames politicians for his woes. “I was going to be a big lottery winner and get out of the hellhole of a job I’ve got. But I haven’t won diddly-squat and I’m and really disappointed in our elected officials.”

When asked how much money Flaxmoor had spent on lottery tickets, the 61-year old salesman became livid. “Tickets? What do you mean ‘tickets?’ Don’t go talking to me about technicalities!” With that, the angry man slugged this reporter in the gut.