Not even the charismatic JFK could subdue LBJ’s white hot hatred of werewolves!

The new movie LBJ: Werewolf Killer opened this past weekend with an astounding $1.2 billion in worldwide ticket sales. The movie is based on Robert Caro’s 2008 bestseller Ascent to Hairy & Vicious Fangs of Death!

While I thought the film was very good, I did question the casting of Peter Dinklage as LBJ. He appeared to have some trouble with the Texas accent to me.

The film accurately depicts the struggles Johnson faced with both the Viet Nam war and the invasion of an army of werewolves every full moon. Yet, somehow, LBJ kicked some werewolf ass and kept our country safe.

Charlize Theron was a particularly inspired choice in the role of Lady Bird Johnson. One of the highlights of the film is her impassioned speech to her husband and a full session of Congress admonishing the littering of dead werewolves across the nation. This famous speech became the bedrock for her ‘beautify America’ campaign. Ben Kingsley turns in one of the strongest performances of his distinguished career as Hellcat Hairy, the leader of the werewolves who had the iconic catchphrase, “Let’s eat some faces, wolvies, me hungie!”

All in all, a good flick that ranks right up there with other prez bio classic like James C. Polk: Zombie Slayer and U.S. Grant: Ghost Whacker. Catch this flick now!