Chess players called “pathetic and unpatriotic” by prez.

President Donald J. Trump is on a tear!

First, he picked battles with the NBA, then the NFL, and now he’s hating on The United States Chess Federation.

Trump took to Twitter this morning: “Was told chess players don’t play our National Anthem before games. Disgraceful. Pathetic and unpatriotic. All should be fired IMMEDIATELY!”

Four minutes later, Trump Tweeted again: “Think it’s horrible some chess players use black pieces. Black is evil. Darth Vadar dressed in black. Outlaws in west wore black hats.”

Two minutes later, he sent another Tweet: “Only way to fight evil black is more good guys in white hats with guns. MAGA!”

Following his Tweet tantrum, there was outrage Trump was being racist and promoting violence. “That’s preposterous,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders told The Lint Screen. “Ben Carson is in President Trump’s cabinet, and he is black.”

Six minutes later, Trump tweeted “Love the blacks.”