At last, a quick and convenient was to collect urine samples.

At last, a quick and convenient way to collect your urine samples.

As a public service, The Lint Screen is proud to offer a revolutionary advance in medicine–– urine tests collected over the internet!

YES, just in time for flu and cold season, we will scientifically analyze your urine and identify the vitamins, minerals and supplements you need to battle the nasty germs and bacteria waiting to attack you in the dangerous cold season ahead.

The cost? FREE.
How can we do this? Volume. We said, “VOLUME!!!”

Act now and take advantage of this incredible offer. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Collect urine sample (urinate directly on to your keyboard)
2. Use a pen or pencil and hit the SEND button
3. We’ll analyze your sample and RUSH your results!

FYI, this also works on mobile devices and tablets. HURRY!!!